Sleeping Lions

Sleeping Lions – our biometric behaviour and anxiety solution.

Sleeping Lions – our revolutionary new device that enables children to quickly calm themselves when they are overwhelmed or feeling anxious. Designed to be used in classrooms or in the home, it provides a discreet, inclusive and cost-effective way of improving wellbeing.

How does it work?

Our cCBT (Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) device uses a specially created app on a dedicated tablet, twinned with an activity monitor wristband. By completing various activities designed to lower heart rates the child enables an animated character – Tom the Lion – to relax and fall asleep. Put simply, as the child calms and their heart rate lowers so this is mirrored in Tom: our app guides the user to calm down quicker in order to make Tom fall asleep faster.

Immersion, relaxation, distraction – all key elements when learning to self-regulate.

Has it been proven?

Our Sleeping Lions device has undergone national university trials. They found that the device was effective at helping children learn to calm themselves quickly without having to leave the classroom or learning space. Teachers found it improved the mood and behaviour of their pupils considerably, particularly those children who struggled to manage their emotions or behaviour within the school environment.


  • Easy to implement – no need for additional space or adult-led supervision
  • Enables and encourages self-regulation
  • Releases precious teaching time   
  • Inclusive – suitable for all age groups and abilities

How much does it cost?

Complete biometric kits include tablet, activity monitor wristband, headphones, charger, backpack and a Tom the Lion soft toy, at a competitive price of £1498 + VAT.