About Us

Thomas Kummer

Thomas Kummer has a proven track record of launching and scaling successful entrepreneurial ventures. He has gone on to create several diverse startups and excels in navigating market landscapes, securing funding, and driving revenue growth. Communicating and collaborating effectively in both German and English, Thomas has fostered international partnerships and is a strategic thinker and problem solver. Highly skilled in software architecture and managing software solutions for blue chip companies, Thomas provides Raven with decades of experience in IT.

John Likeman

John Likeman studied music at Bangor University and Education at Trinity College.  After graduating, John embarked on a pedagogical career: teaching and lecturing in schools and colleges. During this time, John contributed to several national curriculum developments, and was also commissioned to develop new resources. John’s teaching featured on several BBC and government commissioned documentaries where his ability to develop children’s metacognitive skills was acknowledged. Fluent in Welsh and English, John became a fellow at Oxford University and has researched ways of impacting positively on children’s wellbeing. This ultimately led to John founding an organisation which has developed and manufactured leading digital school wellbeing systems. John is passionate about creating products which make the world a healthier and happier place.

Paul Wyatt

Paul Wyatt is an experienced product design engineer with a multifaceted knowledge of all manufacturing processes. After beginning his career in the electronics industry, he developed a passion for mechanical design and has specialised in this for the past 27 years. Paul has brought many popular consumer products to market and has a wide and varied client base. Following his move to Pembrokeshire and starting his own successful design consultancy and injection moulding business, he brings to Raven Technologies a highly innovative and creative flair. Meticulous and passionate, Paul’s ability to project manage will ensure a successful end product of your design or idea.  

Simon Johns

Simon Johns is a researcher, coach, and educator with a global perspective. Earning a BSc in Psychology from Swansea University and completing a PhD in Social Science from Cardiff University, he combines academic depth with practical expertise. Simon has crafted and evaluated wellbeing resources for schools across the nation, produced podcasts on future learning spaces for the Welsh School of Architecture and taught overseas in South America and Asia. As a certified executive coach, NLP practitioner, and wellness advocate, he emphasizes holistic wellbeing. Fluent in English and Spanish, Simon’s diverse skills enhance Raven Technology’s goal of crafting innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.