Pause Points

PausePoints – providing pauses for pupils

PausePoints is our whole school digital approach to wellbeing. Quick and easy to implement, it has been considered to be best practice by school inspectorate Estyn and appreciated by grateful teachers nationwide.

What is PausePoints?

Using yoga-inspired movements to create physical ‘pauses’ within the school day, PausePoints is a tried and tested method of providing moments of wellbeing and stillness to primary aged pupils.

With our user-friendly videos and the flexibility to adapt this resource to your school’s unique timetable, PausePoints impacts on children’s behaviour and ability to settle and learn – without impacting on teacher workload.

Our whole school resource takes only a couple of minutes to implement at the beginning or end of a teaching session and can be successfully delivered within the classroom.

Does it work?

Trials by the University of Glasgow and positive endorsements by Estyn have shown that the implementation of PausePoints has positive influences on children’s ability to learn. By fostering resilience and encouraging breathing techniques, our program has been shown to improve pupils’ concentration skills and inspire pupils to be healthy, confident and ambitious.

“PausePoints is one of the most effective activities in ensuring pupils exercise self-control.”


Education and training inspectorate for Wales

“The single-most effective resource in our school toolkit”




  • pupils settle down quickly on arrival in class
  • techniques to self-regulate often used beyond the school gate
  • quick and easy to implement
  • benefits are immediate


Resource and staff training video: £1500 + VAT