Wellbeing Consultancy

Wellbeing Consultancy

Raven’s consultancies are bespoke and tailored to meet the wellbeing needs outlined by our clients. This might be a one-off consultancy or a series of visits or support over a period of time.  We can provide:

  • educational inset training days
  • in-house wellbeing sessions for businesses
  • on-line training

Our wellbeing consultants are highly qualified educators and psychologists, with many decades of proven experience between them. They are flexible and innovative, experienced and highly motivated, and have a deep understanding of wellbeing and its importance within a healthy establishment.

Raven is passionate about the emotional wellbeing of those around us – contact us today and let us help you design a wellbeing package that will be tailored to your own particular needs. 


Here at Raven, we are able to support businesses and schools with our executive coaching packages.

Perhaps a colleague is struggling to return to work after a long absence; maybe you need support with organising and building future strategies.  Our qualified NLP coaches are here to guide and support you as professionals and leaders.

We also provide consultancy and coaching for further education students (16+). For those students in need of support or wanting that little bit of extra help to pursue their goals, our coaching can be a lifeline.

Learning Space design

An exciting new branch in our portfolio, our Learning Space design initiative is innovative and forward thinking. Closely associated with our Wellbeing Consultancy, our design of outdoor learning spaces and podular classrooms are guided by the Future Generations Act – we strive to be environmentally aware and bold in our outlook, and offer a service tailored to your particular needs.