Product Design

2D & 3D Design

With over 27 years’ experience in product design, development, and manufacturing, our expertise is second to none. We have experience in a huge variety of technologies and are always excited and motivated by new ideas and concepts. 

We know that product design can be a daunting job. Our 3D product design service always involves effective communication between designers, engineers, and clients. Clear communication channels, such as regular meetings and design reviews, help streamline the process and align everyone’s expectations.

Our designers work closely with you to understand your product’s requirements, its functionality, and the desired aesthetics. Our design services involve the development and creation of 2D and 3D virtual models, using CAD software. This allows us to visualize and refine product concepts before moving on to manufacturing and production.

Our 3D product design process is an iterative process of refinement and feedback. We collaborate with you to review the 3D models, make amendments and modifications, and incorporate any necessary changes. This allows for design optimization and ensures that the final product meets your desired specifications.

Bespoke Electronic Circuits and Systems

We are also able to provide electronic circuit and systems design for custom projects and products. This includes embedded code, PCB design and manufacture, testing and final assembly.


Once the 3D model is complete, designers can apply realistic materials, textures, colours, and lighting to create high-quality visual representations of your product. This helps you and your stakeholders better understand how the final product will look. Rendered images or animations can be used effectively for marketing materials and presentations.

Our services can extend to the production of physical prototypes. Prototypes can be used for functional testing, fitment checks, and user feedback. Any necessary adjustments can then be made to the 3D model before moving forward with manufacturing.


Taking out the complexities of finding a manufacturer/parts supplier for your product, we can provide specialised manufacturing services. These include sheet metal fabrication, turned and CNC fabricated parts in all metallurgies, vacuum forming and various polymer technologies.

Injection Moulding

As part of our services, we are able to offer in-house injection moulding, tooling and parts.  This provides a cost-effective approach compared to our mainstream competitors.


We are able to organise final assembly and testing of your designed product requirements.


We work closely with a partner to test your product to relevant industrial standards.